Shopping in Orlando and Miami

This post is pretty much the most anticipated in recent days kkkk Jeez people who likes to do some shopping heimmmm (I’m in kkk), was already so I have posted, but with the run I couldn’t post before, you’ve seen right! So I made a video showing all the comprytchas and giving shopping tips, so you can see all the details. I counted the value of all products and the store where I bought it.

I went to the Premium Outlet Orlando on International Drive Av. I loved the shopping (of course), the products and everything that I saw there, sorry that the limit is my pocket, because the dáaaa is to buy the whole world ahead of him, really, because there’s so much cool and nice price. I was also at Sawgrass in Miami, which is around 1 hour and 20 minutes from Miami Beach, there’s an outside party full of brands, stores all outlet, most beautiful thing, I didn’t get in any store, had already spent what I couldn’t , ai ran away from that part of kkkkk. The Sawgrass is always more full than the outlets of Orlando, but most of my purchases I made in Orlando. I didn’t buy anything famous designer, bought two bags of the brand COACH who has nice prices, sunglasses Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade, actually I wanted some models of Dior, but they cost between 400 to 450 dollars, my pocket. I was very happy with the 2 glasses and 2 bags I bought, I was wishing a purse printed with animal print, time, and then I found this outfit that will be out walking alone in a few days. I am, when I like something, I use it atéeeeee. …

A cool tip is go to the Walmart in Orlando to shop, they have the best prices for beauty products, chocolate, souvenirs, toys, found a paradise! I was at Walmart near Universal Studios and I loved all that I found there! I showed several things that day in my Snap, and who follows me loved it! The cool thing is that at Walmart have wifi, fancy huh! I didn’t buy anything from perfume and not cream because I live on the border with Paraguay and always buy there. In relation to women’s clothing did not find anything cool on womens clothing stores, actually bought 3 dresses at Forever 21, but my husband did the fair, I’ve never seen a place with so many men’s clothing maravilhooosas like in the United States. For those who love tennis the States is paradise, each more beautiful than the other, the prices are always óteeeemos! At Macy’s in Miami ´ had 30% off throughout the store. Oh speaking of discount, I get a drop of Brazilians shopping in the outlets, and own outlets have started to give more discounts, it’s getting ugly out there, Bye Bye Brazilians! Watch the video so you can have an idea of all that guys!

Watch the video with all the shopping and there I count all the places where I bought and the prices, press PLAY, gives a like my video to help me and encourage me all huhuuuu and subscribe to my channel! TKS tks tks