Sealing the Hair Is Good?

First what would be sealing the hair, is a treatment that has been created in Brazil, he is based on keratin, which has the function to close the cuticles of wire (that is, it seals the structure), when they are damaged by chemical processes like relaxers and hair dye. The sealing process can retrieve the health of hair by bringing more discipline, hydration, endurance and brilliance.

Please be very careful, because sometimes the treatments with the name of “sealing” can be actually a escova progressiva. What sets the treatment is the product if it contains in its formulation, in addition of keratin, the formaldehyde. In these cases, this procedure also smoothes the wire.

The problem is that the formaldehyde can only be present in concentrations of 0.2% on the products, or can cause various side effects, and usually in this kind of concentration he does not bring the desired effect. Please be very careful!

The formaldehyde can bring various problems like: burning, flaking of the scalp, hair loss, burning sensation in the eyes, shortness of breath, cough, headache, nausea, vomiting, fainting. So look for a trusted her baby anyway.

The sealing is done with shampoo, conditioner and vials of the same row. First the hair is washed with the first two products and then dried and have applied your light bulbs. So, you need a heat source so that these products work and close the wires, typically flat iron, which is passed on each strand of hair in several times.

The amount of times you will have to make will be made according to the degree of damage to the wire. The number of sessions will depend on the level of awareness of the wires, and the frequency will be determined by the professional who did the analysis. In general, it can be made every two or three months.

A recommendation to you avoid this treatment is that if the hair is extremely passionate to the point of not being able to undergo a heat source, it is not recommended to do the sealing.