Runway Makeup: Thierry Mugler at Paris Fashion Week

Shortly thereafter, not to say hours, conclude our PASARELA Cibeles up and running Paris Fashion Week 2011 autumn/winter. And today we bring you one quite unusual look of the last parade of Thierry Mugler, a futuristic woman with short hair and big bangs.

The star of the parade was Lady Gaga, but as I believe that all of us think that leads an almost impossible-to-follow look I will show part of the other models that also paraded with a style and a makeup much less aggressive but very, very groundbreaking.

Smoky eyes in very deep black on both eyelids and Eye liner to the limit, quite wide, with the peculiarity that ends in a light arc up and right in the tear also gives this effect but quite blur. Pointed Rouge under the cheekbones to highlight the most factions, though in real life it hardens the most any makeup.

I love the bangs, It is short, easy to comb and easy, it is also important when thinking put the scissors, to wear and maintain. I like stripe, though hardly seen, left and a kind of extra long sideburns, give a point to the bad girl face total, according to the above described Rouge.

Makeup exactly, yes all are equal in this case, lips without prominence that looks to be just the eyes, too opaque and sad for my taste. For this reason we will focus on the fringes of the models, up was quite easy, this photo is harder to get.

Extra long sideways, made with iron and wax that stays on your website. Awkward to carry? Surely Yes, it removes you partially the vision in one eye, right?

Extra bangs long and leaving almost from the same Crown. Ultraliso, uneven cutting and combed sideways to the right. I like enough since it gives enough game when it comes to styling, I guess combed all the way back to the side and disappears the bangs at the time. A cut for those giving them fear the flequi for that be after months waiting for it to grow back.

What do you think of fringes?, Do you think risky even for a night look makeup?