Runway Makeup: Roberto Verino for Autumn – Winter 2011 / 2012 in Cibeles

If the first look we saw of Cybele was Jesús of el Pozo, smoked clear, in Roberto Verino It was radical. Especially the cutting of hair wigs that the models and geometric lines, fast parts, fringe wore as protagonists. (Actually, everything was the result of makeup)

Imagine that you are a supermodel and explain you that to open Cibeles you have to shave you. Would you accept? Because these models or doubted him. That Yes, with trick. Wigs and special effects. This hairstyle does not favor anybody. The bangs, impossible.

To the sides, the skinhead. Only a part, to clear the face of hair, makeup, leaving the face almost geometric gestures. There is no eyebrows, there are no gestures, no more than a hairstyle impossible and ugly.

Makeup, of Beatriz Matallanas for L’ Oréal, marcadisimos cheekbones, a makeup in white tones, almost of pale faces, where the eyebrows are blurred to disappear and the eyes are marked with a deep eyeliner. Difficult…

I leave you with a last picture of our colleague Montag, from the backstage.

And my question is, why Roberto Verino wanted a woman as well? The answer we have a few days later, was all a montage.