Runway Makeup: Jesus Del Pozo for Autumn – Winter 2011 / 2012 in Cibeles

As we invigorate New York pageant, and much more we still see, arrives Cibeles. Our colleagues of Jezebel will be giving us details of the parades. And we, makeup.

One of the first look that we have seen has been the commitment of Jesús de el Pozo for the autumn – winter 2011 / 2012. Smoky eyes in excess, natural leather, one shade less than the color of skin and lips in nude touch coral. Smoking varies from carbon to deep green. There will be much work for that practice to the rest the mortal us remaining well an eye as well. To me, impossible already. But as makeup, smoky Yes but not up to the eyebrow trend.

If you don’t have a bright green close, you will always have at hand a Shadow Black, mix. The result, to the extent, and practicing first with Green and after applying the black, with a very fine brush, you will go dark. Many shadows now mix two shades to strokes, we can make us one.

It is not to be seen much makeup by the plug-in as well has dressed her models, a beret, but this image is perfectly. Nails, in China, a trend that seems to give prominence to the look, dress, rather than to the hands, and that I agree with what you read the other than a good enamel, striking, already wears a look.