Runway Makeup: Eyes on Nude for This Spring-Summer 2011

I know that the nude look It is one of the most acclaimed both outside and inside the runways, but it is not only for the lips or fingernails, the eyes also have surrendered to this trend that at first glance it may seem a little elaborate look, but nothing is further from reality.

On the cover I have placed the proposal of Phillip Lim for this Spring-summer 2011. The look is more nude all that I am going to present today, where the eyes seem to be not made-up, but they are it. Probably first is there will be unified whole face with applying makeup base also by the eyelids, dark circles have been camouflaged to make the eye area look unified and luminous without any sign of fatigue.

On the eyelids applied shadow color nude, rather matte, while the tabs are completely natural without volumized. What if you can see is that they look dusty, perhaps by translucent powders that have been used to matificar face.

In the parade of Carolina Herrera the eyes have makeup very smoothly, this shade nude is slightly Orange and at the same time very flattering, the truth, I must admit that I am much of these tones.

As you can see does not seem that eyelashes have applied mask, rather than made since for my taste even a nude, at least a little in lack of transparent mask would not come you bad, so lashes look more lifted but without sacrificing the natural.

In the third picture look perfectly marries the country style that has been seen in the parade of Malandrino. The models looked very fresh and natural, perfect makeup for most spring days and moments where it doesn’t want to go to made-up in excess.

As you can see the eyes are bright thanks to the subtle touch of shadow iriscente in tear and is that nude eyes may also have a touch of brightness. By the eyelid has been applied a shadow in a very subtle brown tone, an effect that we can get with a Brown khol and blend with your fingers so that it lost intensity, you will see how well you manage to give it just the right touch.

New for this season resides in the use of subtle smoky tones to get the nude look. And it is that ringtones smoked not only serve for the most intense looks as we could see last week, but they can be much more subtle.

We have an example in the image above, a look showing us a smoked very nude, in shades of Brown very clear with a very blurred outline.

For those that still keep them clear and recreate a total nude look, I leave you with a video that even though it is in German is perfectly captures the idea. You can see how the make-up artist made eyes in nude and products used, achieving a final result very similar to the nude of the cover image.

To make easier the video, I commented the steps to follow:

  • The first is camouflage dark circles and imperfections
  • After unifying the face with the Foundation makeup and is sealed with translucent powder.
  • The eyebrows defined with Brown khol.
  • On the eyelids, a shadow color very subtle makeup and eyelash mask, but I think that here it would have been well used the curling iron so these are not so straight.