Rules for a Perfect Natural Makeup

Nude look, here are the rules for a perfect natural makeup and imperfection. Just choose the right products and treat some minor detail! A perfect makeup, especially in summer, which is adaptable to any skin tone.

Good luck for the nude look, this very natural effect makeup that enhances your face with touches of light and neutral tones. A trick that’s okay just to all, Blondes and Brunettes, and which aims to highlight the merits of your face, provided, however that does not make any mistakes. That’s why today we want to provide you with short and simple rules to achieve a natural makeup virtually spotless.

Super hydrated skin

Nothing oily or dry skin, nor oily. Simply find the moisturizer for your needs to prepare for the next step, a perfect base removing blemishes.

Foundation suitable for complexion

It’s always complicated the choice of Foundation, especially in summer, when the skin begins to get a Tan, so it will be inevitable to find a foundation that matches your skin tone. It doesn’t have to be highly opaque, but only manages to even out skin color don’t be fooled by the inexperience, the Foundation should always be tried on her face, not on the hand.

Natural Makeup with face powder

For natural makeup, many believe that the nude look don’t need blush and instead is a resounding failure, especially if you have combination skin or tend to be fat. Opt for a loose mineral powder, preferably transparent.

Delicate blush

Do not overdo it with color: very light shades must be also the blush, color, delicate and refined, so as not to draw overly focus on the cheekbones. It serves simply to define better the face, seeing the makeup nude does not provide neither the contouring or earth or other products that make the skin very compact.

Nude eyeshadows

Although the goal is to produce a barely-there make-up that makes our appearance very genuine and natural, no one forces you to abandon the eyeshadow, as long you choose between a nude color palette. Just apply a small amount on the eyelid and under the eyebrows to give brightness to the look. Take care of your eyebrows, which must be impeccable.