Round Face Haircuts

Haircut Tips for Round Face and Pictures of Types of Cuts

Variety of cuts for round face-Haircuts besides having the gift of highlighting the female charm have the power to hide what we do not want to show.Each type of face and hair requires a different cut shape.

But the round faces are the most delicate in this matter, because depending on the cut chosen and the type of your hair can give the impression totally wrong that you would like, showing a face even more “cool.”

An escape for those who want to make a round face cut would be a medium cut, between the neck and the shoulder, always having the option of tips peeled, to give that “hiding” in the volume of the cheeks, thus leaving the face more harmonious.

However there are several models of round face haircuts, from the most traditional, the most modern and stripped. If the locks are long and you have a certain fear of dare, avoid using the fully straight yarn without any shredding. Today the frayed and peaked are the strongest for haircuts and since this type likes you use and abuse mainly in the front, causing the ends to curl to the inside.

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Already, curly and frizzy hair avoid leaving them short, they should be larger in the front.Pegged with clusters in the front also does not look cool, because the curls give the sensation of greater volume, thus leaving the face brighter.

The round face haircuts should always be medium, that is, not too long, not too short, not too heavily armed, not too shriveled, and so on. If you follow this tip, rest assured that you will have hit on your new haircut. See below for some female models for round face haircuts.

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