Romantic Hairstyle DIY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I’d show you how to make a romantic hairstyle suited precisely for this festival and maybe even other occasions or special evenings, between lovers, or to make someone fall in love.

This bun is perfect for those with long hair, but you can very well realize also of medium length hair, as I will show in the video. It ‘a DIY solution: in a few simple steps you’ll achieve a romantic hairstyle impressive!

Here is what you need to accomplish this alone chignon:
– a brush;
– a fixing;
– a comb;
– hairpins;
– four elastic hair (possibly getting close to your hair color).

Please follow these simple steps in order to realize your romantic hairstyle.

FIRST STEP: brush hair well removing any knots, apply fixative chosen and share it with the comb.

SECOND STEP: divide the head into two sections with the help of the comb forming a middle line, combed the two sections and formed two high code (possibly on the same level and with the same amount of hair).

THIRD STEP: Divide one of the two tails obtained in two strands similar amount of hair and started to form a twist braid.

FOURTH STEP: repeat the third step with the other tail vacated and end it with a rubber band.

FIFTH STEP: go to spin the twist braids so as to form a harmonious collected and stops everything with hairpins, fixed if you wish with a layer of lacquer and here is the result vials!

The video tutorial is in Usprivateschoolsfinder where you will know how to accomplish this romantic hairstyle perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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