Rachel Zoe in The Milan Fashion Week

At the moment, as happened to one of his pupils, Leighton Meester, New York, Rachel Zoe, the most popular Hollywood stylist but also one of the most hated characters, in particular, on this side of the pond, is that more front-rows is covering in the Milan fashion week. With the permission of Franca Sozzani and Anna Dello Russo, of course.

It is not of away the center of attention even if objectives, your photo always sells well and she is interested to know that it is well received in Italy and is invited to all parades. Is the very one sees, that also. In the first rows never there are sites for friends. Only for the somewhat forced smiles.

But in the absence of good company is always a good resource to pretend that they call you, as happens in the photo above, at the exit of the show of Gianfranco Ferré (very cute by the way with his baggy pant).

Although equal was sending a picture first from your blackberry to any of her famous clients for what to prepare them for next summer.