Professional Beauty Products

Christmas is coming and you do not know what to regale his mother, her friends or colleagues in the office? Do not worry, I have the right idea for you. Have you ever heard the line Beautician cynical? Let me explain who he is and what it is. Behind the cynical Beauty hides Cristina Fogazzi, a real beautician who has his center of Milan, in Piazza Buonarroti 32.

L’ Cynical Beauty is beauty consultant most competent on the Yellowpagesintheusa, thanks to his cynicism mixes science and humor making even comic cellulite.
It created VeraLab, cosmetic line  from active substances of very high quality paraben-free and silicone-free.  Dall’antirughe to illuminating lotion kit for a “skin of selfie” the Beautician Cynical knows always recommend the right product for all skin types.

Let’s find out the products

The VeraLab products are divided into two lines: Line Zero: where the products are in full size format Line cynical Beautician: where products, reduced in size, but always of the highest quality, are enclosed in small packaging ironic and funny.

Why is it called Zero line?

The Zero line is made ​​up of a few products, which are the basis for perfect skin.
It is so called because it has:

– Zero parabens, silicones zero and zero defects.
– Zero Air: The packages are essential, airless pump to prevent any bacterial contamination.
– Zero Weight: The packages are tubular and read that you can carry in your purse and do not suffer any damage for dropping or tossing.
– Zero lies: the transparency of the package reveals a particular attention to the explanation of the ingredients and their active ingredients.
– Zero waste: with the internal piston the product is dispensed to the last drop.

The products the Beautician’s Cynical

The Cynical Beautician never leaves you alone, even in time of need. Especially in times of need.
In addition to keep the door to the bathroom real BFF, she in her splendevole genius you prepared kits “SOS Beautician Cynical”.
You click on the shop and the kit materializes in your mailbox!
Yesterday night you drank too much and you have an important meeting? No problem, the SOS Beautician Cynical kit “Hangover” you back together.
First appointment with the cool of the 5th floor? Relax, with “Kiss Me Stupid” is a game to girls.

The faces are stressed from city have the hours counted with “Skin of selfie” , the salvatutto kit with anti-gray mask.

And if your problem is dark circles, with the kit “bags under the eyes”  Paul Stella makes a mustache.

Discounts for friends

If you are interested in buying the products the Beautician’s cynical you’ll also have discount coupons to be used:

– With  RUDOLPH-024  you will  get a discount of 10% on purchases  (if you plan to buy more products you should use this as over € 50 shipping is free);
– with  SLED-023  you are entitled to the discount of 50% the cost of shipping.
Offers valid until 31 December.