Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector Clinique

Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector, is instant pore reducer and a corrector. But before following him hablando, allow me a paragraph. I’d like to explain that the pores will not any product, close them since it is a characteristic of the skin. I mean, can be visibly, but any product makes them disappear, all the more, conceals them. 
That said, we continue with the Pore Minimizer. It is a free product of oils that is used to optically shrink dilated pores, or what is the same, camouflages them. Confers a natural finish and matte, smoothes, softens and refines the skin instantly.

Your presentation is in a tube clarito purple plastic, with screw caps. Brings 15 ml., but bearing in mind that very little amount of product is used, it spreads much.

A minimum amount of cream is placed over the fingertip and applies a light Pat on the area to be treated. It is a cream with a light tone makeup, that when applied on the skin, is fully integrated and which allows to be used with or without make-up.

It can be applied both before and after the background of usual makeup following bridgat, in areas where pores are more visible. They promise long lasting and resistant to water and sweat. Their results are immediate. It promises the skin acquires a more smooth texture, uniform and Matt. And if that is true that alisa, you uniform and purifies, but certainly not what I would describe as a product resistant to water and sweat not long-lasting.

Given the type of container, it allows to carry in the bag to be able to renew their application, if necessary, throughout the day.

Its price is not overly cheap (about 24 euros if I remember correctly) the 15 ml. of product. But sometimes, they have released it in a minitalla kit and get cheaper, about 10 euros. These types of kits are very good to test products before we decide to buy them or not.

I think a good product, but not the best of this kind I have tasted. For example, the Clarins, I like most in terms of finish on the skin.