Plus Size Fashion Beauty

There are days where just nothing will fit or appears suitable. No solution is to dress in a bag. On the contrary. Deliberate colors, flowing fabrics and matching accessories to help you throw off your self-esteem. Accented clothes conjures up a slender and elongated silhouette in a matter of seconds.


The skilful interplay of colors and fabrics can cheat away easily some kilos. Strong legs disappear when you’re wearing down just a color from the waist. No matter whether red, green, or black – it should give only no color break through bright tights to the dark rock and dark shoes. A black pantyhose would be the perfect solution – if you not too much shine.

As a general rule for plus size of ladies: hands off of shiny fabrics and stretch-fabrics, they carry on. Gloss on the lips or in the cleavage is perfect, because they draw attention away from problem areas. Your clothes with vertical stripes are usually not favorable for a strong figure. Chubby benefit from narrow stripes, because it visually stretch and allow narrower effect the silhouette. Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Soft flowing fabrics are ideal for the plus size fashion. However, the material may be not too thin, otherwise the unfavourable pads are emerging. Best you kaschierst the belly, when the top loose and just falls down.


The it pieces are the plus size fashion clothes that always work. A few great pieces that can be combined with each other enough for a slim silhouette. The classic look

  • “Blue jeans, white top, Blazer”

you will work with a long pair of jeans with a straight cut. Skinny jeans take wider hips and three quarters – or rolled trousers visually shorten the leg. As a top, you choose a tunic with beautiful neckline. Great hip and buttocks can be hide under it.

You can wear a G mortar over the tunic in larger sizes , however, it should be narrow and are loose around the waist. The feminine, not too tight Blazer ends over the hips. If you’re not comfortable staying with a short jacket, you attack instead to a fashionable long Cardigan or long vest.

The plus size outfit is completed scarf high shoes and a statement necklace or a nice – or elongated.

Have fun trying it out! You got want to browse? Then dancing here on INCURVY plus size fashion – there you have fashion oversized from many carefully selected online stores.