Platinum Blond Hair: Learn Everything You Need

Who wants to be blonde has several options to change the visual tone. No doubt that the blond hair always won the taste of women, but there are a tone that came to prominence: the Platinum blond. This shade pulls a bit more to white and, sometimes, to gray.

You can platinar the your hair in different ways. Some more discreet, but who do not want to be left out, the points on the ends or in the processes of ombré hair.Other bolder prefer platinar the wires all the way through, from root to tips, which gives a fairly modern. A good option is also betting on the lights or in Platinum tresses.

However, before you rush to the salon and ask the Platinum blond bear in mind that care of his hair that color is not so simple. To be blinded to that tom might be required several trips to the Salon if the color of your hair is too dark. In addition, you will need to do touch-ups with certain frequency.

How to get the platinum blonde

Platinum blond hair: light hair


The most important thing you need to do first of all is to look for a good professional.You can ask friends and family who have known the bleached hair who was the stylist who did the procedure. You can platinar your hair in just one day, but it will take a few hours.

A key tip is to invest in a good hydration. Not just after that, without a doubt, it is essential not to dry out the wires, but also 30 days before applying the color. Another important care is to do a session of keratinization of hair.

Platinum blond hair: medium and dark Tones


For darker hair, the only difference is the amount of sessions that will be larger. While the midtones may need 2 or 3 sessions, her dark hair will need 4 sessions or more. It is important to stress that, in the case of dark hair, if after the 4 sessions the hair does not stay in the desired tone is necessary to wait 15 days to try again.

Platinum blond hair: dyed hair


Here you have more. The wires are painted more weakened the natural and, in certain situations, nor is it advisable to make the Platinum blond by the risk of breaking the hair or even be hair fall. On color-treated hair, the hydration is key.

The use of bleach

It is clear that to reach the Platinum blond is necessary to use the bleach. Because of this, you will need to keep some care as, for example, moisturize your hair at home or in the salon, at least 1 time a week, apply a thermal protector before using any machine that heat the hair and cut the ends where they may be already damaged.

A warning: do not attempt to platinar the wires at home. It’s not a technique as simple as the common. The recommendation is to actually go to the beauty salon and looking for a good professional to not have problems later.