Piercing in the Smile

Also known as brake piercing, piercing the smile is located in the thin layer of skin that is the brake, turning the upper lip to the gum.

The piercing in the smile has become quite popular enters the youth and how any such procedure involves some risk and care.

So, before your smiley piercing, learn about the risks, the proper care and if it’s going to hurt.

Smile pierced models

When it comes to making a piercing on the brakes there is a large amount of jewelry available. Usually the jewels are smaller and the main models used are the Hoop and Horseshoe.

It is normal to have to use specific templates for drilling and using up the healing. After this period you are free to choose the jewel that is best suited to your personal style.

In drilling, the professional will take care to ensure that the piercing be well centered on the brake, to not be pressed against the gums or teeth.

It should be positioned so that the ball of the jewel stand at the beginning of the teeth when you smile, it appears. Hence the name smile pierced.

Smile Piercing care

After the procedure, the professional will inform you about the care required with the piercing on the brake. At this point it is important to pay attention to and follow the instructions to the letter.

The first and most important is the care oral hygiene. It is very important to keep your mouth clean, especially after meals. It is recommended that you purchase an antiseptic mouthwash without alcohol.

Your mode can vary according to the product, but usually you can dilute a part of the product to one part water. Read the label.

Healing time can vary, but on average, lasts from 4 to 12 weeks.

Another procedure that you can use to rinse is to brine, preferably with non-iodized salt.

The Piercing pain in the Smile

The question many people is if it hurts a lot.

The skin of the upper lip brake is very thin and piercing itself is quick and easy. Therefore, the pain when drilling is very low, only a slight inconvenience of the needle through the brake.

People reported that they were more surprised by the sound of the needle than the pain itself.

Risk of making a Brake ring

If you are using a piece of jewelry that has that little ball to hold, pay attention if you’re taking the gum. If the piercing is pressed down the gums may occur a retraction of the gingiva.

In this case the best thing is to look for a smaller size or any jewelry that does not have the ball.

It should be pointed out also if the jewel is not rubbing on the tooth, that wears the tooth enamel.

If after taking measures to avoid such risks nothing better, consider removing the piercing in the smile.

By the skin being thinner and smaller, the risk of rejection is greater. You need to be aware of the conditions mentioned above and also the jewel is moving.

Pictures of Piercing in the Smile

Make the hole in the smile it hurts less than you think. The diversity of models of piercing for smile is good. Some models are more delicate. The shoe model is preferred among the young to do the piercing on the brake. Spike top brake model. The ring can be larger, getting down on the tooth. Who uses device does not have to be left out, is cool too. Piercing in smile with braces. Appliance with smile pierced combines Yes! Model with crystals. Notice how he is discreet. Curved model, more difficult to appear. Curved model slightly larger than the previous photo, notice how only with the mouth wide open you can see the smile pierced. Horseshoe model with a detail at the Center. Finally, with red lipstick!

Thing to Avoid

  • Keep stirring in piercing your tongue
  • Avoid talking too much during the healing process.
  • Spicy foods can irritate the area.
  • Kiss. The exchange of saliva can end in infection, best avoided for a while.
  • If it is better to avoid kissing, oral sex then.
  • Ingesting alcohol.
  • If you have the habit of taking your hand or your mouth, try to control it.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Don’t share drinks, food or whatever.

Now you know exactly what’s waiting for you, look for a competent professional and a sanitized Studio and put a smile piercing to enhance your smile.

Be careful not to get too hot.

* Note:the information entered here is common sense, for specific cases see a doctor or appropriate professional.