Pictures of Blonde Hair Gray

Women always like to change the look, a very nice option is the shade of greyish blonde, is an option that you will leave your light strands, but without pushing the yellow pigmentation the colour blond offers. The greyish tone is a tone that combines with a variety of skin tones and hair types.

For this blonde be a clear color, it is advisable to be used by more white, since even with the face. Hitching a ride with the whitewashed, second Marques de Paula, the oriental women can adopt the color, as it combines with the texture of the skin. Brunettes and black can also invest in tone, choosing nuances that match the skin tone.

Many people have questions between the gray and platinum blond blond, these two tones are one of the most sought-after in beauty salons. Tom gray can be reached even in darker tones heights as 6 or 7. The natural black hair can reach a grayish shade.

Plated with them are only achieved 10 height above tones (very light blonde). So the nuance pulled gray is more democratic than that crystal clear.

When you dye your hair blonde tone, if you end up not making the correct maintenance, will have problems in your hair, in which the most common are: brittle hair, yellowish, porous and lackluster.
The blond strands end up getting super porous and brittle due to discolorations and oxidants. And when you don’t do the reconstructions and moisturizing the hair ends up breaking.

Sometimes it may happen that the hair does not break, but the tips are difficult to style hair elastic. Going on that may consider as a sign that your hair this one step away from breaking. If this occurs the best option is to use a good rebuild kit and cut the tips.