Phrases for Tattoos: Ideas to Inspire

The women broke into the world of tattoos with everything. Choose a tattoo is not a very easy task, after all, is something that will stay on your skin for the rest of his life.However, the most important is to choose something that matches with your personality, which can be a drawing or even a phrase that can reflect your way of thinking about a particular subject.

Here are the pros and cons and take your questions before making tattoo.


Choose a phrase to the tattoo can be a good option for those who are just starting and will do for the first time. In addition, the sentences can be modified and adapted with words that fit best in your life and in your way to be a important tip is: do not choose the phrase according to the moment we are living. The moment passes, but the phrase is forever or until laser surgery.

For those who love to read, whether literature or poetry books, it’s a great chance to choose a favorite excerpt or the one who managed to touch you in a singular way. Now look at the phrases with which you can sympathize according to your personality.

See various images of feminine tattoos and be inspired to make your.

Another important thing: very careful with phrases in another language. We have the habit if you think what is outside is more beautiful. It’s not wrong if you know how to use well, especially if we’re talking about a little-known language for you.

The best thing to do is ask for help to a teacher of the language for you to translate the phrase for the desired language. Use online translators for doing this is not a good idea. They translate to the letter and there are some expressions that can be placed in the wrong way because of this.

Will do a tattoo on my finger? So get inspired with these ideas.