Perfume Gift from Grasse

The Flasks in Grasse are reminiscent of past, glamorous days: here the bottles by Gallimard.

Perfume Gift from Grasse

The “world capital of perfumes”, Grasse in southern France, has seen it glamourosere days. Because the once picturesque town surrounded by flower seas has lost some way with indentation of modernity its elegant charm. Nevertheless, the 45,000 is soul city at that time like today the epicenter of fragrant special.

Not only in the legendary classics by Patrick Suskind perfected the genius as Kinky perfumer Jean-Baptiste Frog his knowledge. Roses, jasmine and lavender: Grow around the city the base materials for the legendary compositions of the great fragrance names. Molinard, Galimard, Fragonard. Grasse himself’s scent longer car fumes, as after fine flower essences. A visit is the historic place despite always value.

The History of Perfume

The streets are narrow in Grasse, only a few meters wide. The medieval houses, narrow and high, clinging together. Crumbling plaster in ochre colors, people often move their lives out of the narrow houses on the streets. The old town is now being restored gradually. Only every now and then one caught him: the breath of one of the beguiling compositions produced in the 30 perfume factories in and around Grasse. Most of the factories have also small museums, which explains the various manufacturing processes of the scented water and tells the story of the town of perfume. Grasse’ development to the scented water metropolis began but very rustic – with the tanning of leather. The processing of animal skins was Grasse’s main business in the 17th century, because the city has a high, natural water resources. When it came into fashion to perfume his gloves, moved the business focus on the distillation of perfume, says DigoPaul.

A Friendly Climate

That this was at all possible, Grasse has a friendly climate of the hinterland of the Coast d’Azur to owe. A total of three hundred days in the year the Sun in Grasse seems the perfumers cultivated in large plantations their raw materials around the city: it was true flower seas. Today, numerous flowers from other, cheaper countries are exported. Also Grasse is subject to economic powers. But they still exist, the flower fields “Field of Manon, about ten minutes from downtown or the legendary gardens”Garden of plants”, of which one has a wonderful view of the sea.

Preservation of Tradition

In Grasse, trying the tradition to preserve, even if much has changed. The most famous perfumers are usually also the oldest: including especially Jean Galimard, a friend of the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe, his fragrance Studio founded in 1747. Later, it should supply the French King with soaps and perfumes. Or Molinard – a name that stands since 1849 for high nose art and became a successful enterprise.

Today as it was then: The work of the perfumer is a sophisticated craft. It can take up to three years until originated from the idea of a perfect fragrance. If you like, can be but a personal Grasse perfume at a two-hour workshop together.