Pay Attention to these Characteristics

Which hairstyle suits me? A question that some women may spend weeks, if not their whole lives. There are crucial basic questions.

Which hairstyle suits me? This depends on many different factors and therefore there are no simple rules that apply to all. Every person is individual – that’s why every haircut looks different to every woman.

These Parts Of The Body Are Crucial

Before you venture into scissors and a pot of colors, you should first take a closer look at your face. As with the search for glasses, the shape of the head is decisive for choosing the right hairstyle. Round, angular, oval, heart-shaped or very narrow – when you deal with it, you will quickly notice how much different face shapes differ from each other. Then take a look at your forehead: Is this very pronounced, perhaps high or wide? Or do you have low forehead? Especially if you are planning to cut a pony, this head-section deserves a lot of attention in advance.

A bit further down, it is the chin that shapes its appearance and is therefore meant to be important for a new haircut. Is it round, angular, long and narrow? Which hairstyle suits me when I take into consideration both the shape of my chin and my forehead? If you have a narrow face and a pointed chin, you should not pull it in the length with your hair, but make a counterpoint with the hairstyle.

Which Hairstyle Suits Me?

Your cheek bones also affect which hairstyle suits you best. Do they stand far apart (most likely for round facial forms), are the cheek bones very high or barely visible? If you find it difficult to answer these questions, you can also rely on a trick that is also fun.

Turn on your laptop and Google your favorite female stars. What does that have to do with finding the right hairstyle? Compare your face with that of actresses, models, moderators and examine their haircuts. And suddenly the question “which hairstyle suits me?” is no longer a headache, but also a pleasure.