Since all beauty topics are definitely coming up short, I thought it was about time I shared a fall look with you (before the whole outfit goes online). Of course, I’ll talk a bit about the products I used too. more… Beauty

Combining Shirts and Ties

The safest option is always the white shirt and black tie, but rain e-mails from readers that, on the one hand, they want to get out of the security zone and, on the other, afraid to make a mistake in the combination and everything to lose. But there is a second choice accurate in this case, we talked about it in this post, this is the infamous “tone on tone”. more… Combining Shirts and Ties

Summer Dresses

There is more than time to think about models of summer dresses 2014, because the hot season is there and asks for freshness, beauty and a lot of elegance for the feminine world. more… Summer Dresses

Michael Kors Leather Bags Beauty

Prices and Models of Michael Kors Brand Handbags

Who has never dreamed of having a Michael Kors scholarship with several   models, prices the handbags are affordable and beautiful with various types and sizes of various types of fabrics and styles the Michael Kors handbags is on the rise. more… Michael Kors Leather Bags Beauty

The Mac Lipstick

All the features of the different finish lipsticks Mac, to navigate the desired texture and opacity! Here are the differences.

If all we know the finish of classic lipsticks, satin, matte, bright, is not as easy to navigate in the world of Mac lipsticks, in which we find many more effects for the lips.

The Mac lipsticks line mainly includes 8 types of finish, each with different characteristics.

Let’s see them in detail.

more… The Mac Lipstick

Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

The female pattern baldness (alopecia) is one of the biggest concerns of women, because it affects their self-esteem. It is a disorder that occurs mostly in men, hair loss is directly linked to male hormones, especially testosterone.

Women also produce such hormone, however is a much smaller amount. And it is for this reason that, in the cases of baldness are rarer and the loss, less drastic. more… Female Pattern Baldness, Hairstyle for Pregnancy

Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

In August, Alverde invited us to the blogger event in Karlsruhe to present the new products from the standard range. For me as a Karlsruherin it was very pleasant to visit an event without a long journey. So there was still enough time with some girls in advance to go through the city and make us a comfortable afternoon. I was very excited about what to expect at the event and I have to say Alverde has offered a really great program here! more… Beauty Workshop in Alverde Blogger Event

The Mac Viva Glam Rihanna

“I’m the girl M · The · C!” This provocative slogan heralded the first VIVA GLAM – face the drag icon RuPaul, resplendent in red corset and leather boots. The legendary campaign that would see many stars and different styles over the years, but that would always hold in your heart that same spirit of irreverence, outrageous style and an irrepressible love for life. more… The Mac Viva Glam Rihanna

Trendy Nail Polish

For my part, I can not and do not want to do without him.It looks great, lets the hands and nails shine brightly and fresh and even gives the finishing touch to many styling.You probably already guessed that I was talking about nail polish.Beautiful, well-groomed hands and nails belong to the hanger signs of a woman and can be perfected by a great nail polish.As in the fashion sector, there are also new trends in color in the beauty area every season – and this also applies to the nail polish!What are the nail polish trends in summer 2013?Which nail polish colors can not be imagined in this year’s beach season?I’ll tell you!Sure is: It is colorful and anything but monotonous. more… Trendy Nail Polish

New Year’s Party Dress Beauty

Every year is the same, women worry about the model of New Year’s party dress they will wear, is not it? Because they want to be beautiful to finish a year and start another in high spirits and style. more… New Year’s Party Dress Beauty