P2 Poolside Party LE Eye Product

From the new p2 Poolside Party LE I had already presented to you two nail polish , which I am absolutely convinced once again. The LE is available from July in all dm markets and I was allowed to test some products in advance. Today I would like to introduce you a few eye products from the LE and have painted a summery make-up in blue and orange / coral.

P2 Poolside Party Le – Amu

The three products from poolside party LE: the eyeshadow duo 020 “sea jewels”, the water-proof liquid eyeliner 020 “coral bay” and the water-resistant Over The Top Mascara 020 “crazily coral”.

The blue tone from the eyeshadow duo “Sea Jewels” I applied generously to the outer eye angle and blinded to the inside. As a transition, I used a Lilaton (Catrice “Plum Up The Jam”), which one finally does not look at all properly. The whole was rounded off with the Silbergrau from the pallet. Subsequently, there was still some highlighter under the eyebrows.

Then I applied the eyeliner “coral bay” and over the black eyelash tush (Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume Mascara) the Over The Top Mascara. In the water line I wear the black Graphic Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner “Nyx” from Zoeva.

The color is really extraordinary for a product from the drugstore and definitely an eye-catcher.With the fine brush tip can be worked precisely. However, I found in the eye the opacity with a layer not yet high enough. For an opaque, uniform result, I applied another layer. Here you should wait between the layers until they are dry, otherwise it becomes uneven. I also applied my eyelashes when applying the same. I am the order with Liquidyeliner simply not used to Since then I wanted to apply anyway the colored mascara on the eyelash tips, it did not bother me in this case. The promised water resistance is definitely given and for complete removal one needs oily eye makeup remover.

Over The Top Mascara Waterproof 020 “Crazily Coral”

The consistency of the water-resistant mascara is relatively dry. I applied them several times to my eyelashes and these glued pretty much. I like color eyelashes generally not so good and besides, I have for it too short eyelashes, so it does not really look really nice. I liked the AMU better before I applied the Over The Top Mascara. The Mascarabürste has two sides, a long for the upper eyelashes and a short for the lower eyelash wreath.

Summer Flirtin ‘Duo Eyeshadow 020 “Sea Jewels”

The Swatches I made without eyeshadow base. The color of the eyeshadows is very good, they are soft and therefore also somewhat crumbly. Especially with the blue eyeshadow there was Fallout, so I before the makeup properly loose powder under the eye, which I then simply with the fallout wegspinseln. The eyeshadows can be applied well and blinded.


In color I find the products very nice and appropriate. Unfortunately the eyeshadows crumble something, especially the blue tone. With colored mascara I can not personally befriend myself, but I like the water-proof liquid eyeliner in orange / coral all the better. This is really a great, summery eye-catcher and convinces with its great durability.