Oversized Men’s T-Shirt Guide

Talk TIME, all right? Last week I received an email from a reader asking me to talk a little bit about types of T-shirts, to help in the choice of products. That suggestion gave me an idea to make a Guide to men’s long sleeved models that are up to 2015. So bora pro post view the details?

It was time that we thought buying a shirt and didn’t care about the model, I had no question of anything! T-shirt is not a commodity even a basic t-shirt, may be different for your modeling, your cut, the detail that she has, etc.

With that in mind, I decided to get up and opine on some models of shirts that are already up or are coming strong for this year! Bora for Tips:

1) Oversized Men’s T-Shirt

The Oversized t-shirt model is already on the rise for some time, but the trend picked up! The t-shirt is longer and not as slim, more loose until the sleeve, sometimes it’s bigger! Many brands are still launching models in the Yankee footprint and here in Brazil arrived in modeling some brands too!

2) Shirt Collar Canoe (Scoop Neck)

Another model that for some time now appears in the male displays.The model has the most open Collar, Canoe-shaped, some also call U neck, v-neck! Can be a great option especially in the warm seasons of the year. Good choice also for use with a shirt on top, for example.Worth the good sense in the size of the Collar as well.

3) T-Shirt Men’s Jersey

I’ve talked HERE about the model. Super modeling differentiated from t-shirt with front buttons, with Baseball reference American t-shirts!Many brands are betting on the American model and here in Brazil already has us doing too!

4) Male Longline T-Shirt

Very similar to Oversized model by your length, the Longline T-shirt has shape narrower, more adjusted on the sides, but long in the bar!Usually the sleeve is also shorter, more boring. Here at topschoolsoflaw.com you can get more different models and styles.

5) Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Always on high, long sleeve is a great choice for use in not-so-hot days and also to complete the look and further protect in days of very cold, beneath blouse, jacket, etc. To 2015 she should be very strong in Autumn/Winter collections in various modeling, stamped with details! Anyway, it is worth investing!

6) #Plus: Race Men Dug

Ever see the regatta Dug not as a trend, but as a reality! The use of modeling had, among women and among men. I still think it’s a little hard to find in the domestic brands, some already trampam with the model, but it is a shape easy to do! I gave a hint of how below!

EAE team, are already using these models of t-shirt? Want to Try some? Leave your feedback here in the comments!