Orly Nail Polish

We continue our review of the new proposals at Cosmoprof 2012.

What comes to mind when I say quality, innovation and research in the beauty industry? Obviously the answer is Orly!

Who has managed over the years to find more innovative ideas, elements and colors not yet known and to remain on the market at the highest levels for almost forty years unless the company Orly International Inc., founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink, inventor , between the darkened things, the French Manicure.

By creating Orly, Jeff Pink was not interested in the production of simple glazes, but the more general idea of hand care that could include both glazes unforgettable colors, both products that could improve the quality of our nails in every respect of view.

Since then Orly, distributed in Italy by Ladybird House (along with IBD brand, CND), in addition to more than 200 colors of the permanent line, is launching a new collection every season, more and more fresh and unique colors.

A complete range of enamels, soft colors to the more lively and brilliant, those pearly up to the intense neon colors.This year it was the fabulous collection Cool Romance, of which you can know more in this article, which goes right to the family Orly along with the other great innovations presented at Cosmoprof 2012: the new line of nail Feel The Vibe, which you can see in this post.

Another characteristic element of Orly enamels is their amazing anti-slip cap, easily recognizable thanks to the “O” stamped on top.

At Cosmoprof 2012 in Bologna we had the pleasure of meeting the International Sales Director of Ladybird House Gilberto Pietrantoni and sweet Alessia Massimi  (Sales & Marketing Coordinator) who presented us with the world Orly and all the latest news.

Among the leading products of the brand, we discovered the new Orly Gel FX, one semi permanent nail polish gel effect that reduces the time of treatment hands by 40 minutes today to 20 minutes, thanks to the new formulation that ensures an excellent result ‘ quick drying.

The attention for faster application brought Orly to a search for innovation not just from the product point of view, but also the tools needed to process, especially the lamps for drying enamel: the Cosmoprof 2012 we could admire and try the fantastic LED lamps for Orly, they replace the most common UV lamps, lowering the drying time by 2/3 minutes before to 30 seconds today.

The innovations also affect the removal: in fact, Orly has created a particular solvent, the gel 3 in 1 Cleanser Orly Fx gel that, after a quick application, allows a simple nail polish remover, which is detached from the nail automatically.

The hard gel intact approximately two weeks during which the nail is protected, nourished and fortified by the introduction of vitamin elements within the composition of the product that are, over time, assimilated from the nail itself. The FX gel Orly contains vitamin A, vitamin E and B5 to enhance the nail health and to protect the internal structure.

After the glaze is applied to an oil Cuticle with vitamins with wild cherry extracts and orange blossom to moisturize and soften, making it perfect not only the glaze, but also my hands!

To achieve the fabulous manicure with Orly Gel FX was the talented and likeable Scolastra Lara, who has gladdened us the time of treatment with explanations and curiosity of the glazes world, answering all our questions. If you are in Milan and want to try the new gel, go by Runway in via Paolo da Cannobio 9, where you will be greeted by Lara and Giancarlo Guccione, moody manager who will advise the perfect color for you!

The FX gel Orly are presented with an initial range of 31 colors chosen among the top selling and most beloved familyOrly, and you can already try out the best aesthetic centers in Italy from September of last year.