Orly Halloween Collection

E ‘already time to think about the party of monsters, witches and vampires with collection of nail Orly for Halloween 2013.

The colors are the most representative of this American holiday that has now become part of our culture too slowly, and increasingly suits us, as well as disguise, with make up and nail art.

The proposed Orly for Halloween 2013 includes 4 glazes, colors and characters could only be the orange and black.

Specifically it is just 2 orange enamels and 2 blacks but differ in texture and final effect: Liquid Vinyl is a basic black, shiny classic and creamy, with no particular effect, while Goth is a glittery black with silver highlights.

Melt your popsicle is a fluorescent orange for those who want a typical color for the occasion, but at the same time want a touch of more effect; Finally Orange Punch is the classic orange pumpkin that is excavated and made ​​in the shape of skull, with strange faces to scare the little ones, and beyond.

The four enamel Orly Halloween will be sold separately at a price of $ 8.50 for a small bottle for 18 ml, which for sure will last a long time and can also be used throughout the autumn winter!

In addition, these colors can be safely used as a basis for the decoration theme as those proposed by our Sofia! Do you like Halloween 2013 Orly glazes?