Opi Starlight Christmas

Christmas 2015 OPI lights of a star’s light with exclusive collection of nail Starlight!

A line full of nails futuristic glow that recalls the immensity of the universe magnetic: the Starlight OPI collection is perfect to create nail art space, enriched with colors and glitter that will make your nails real stellar galaxies to show off and admire.


The collection of Opi Starlight glazes so attracts a youthful style and outside the lines, that gives life to futuristic manicures and unusual combinations of shades of metallic, shimmer or full color. The contrasting shades present in the Christmas range, silver, gold, red and dark blue, give a highly distinctive look nail, that leaves you breathless.

Let’s see in detail all the eighteen nuance of the Starlight collection that will give the allure galactic Christmas manicure:

  • Guy And Galaxies, dark burgundy;
  • By The Light Of The Moon, argento chiaro;
  • Cel-less-tial Is More, rosa cipria glitter;
  • Center Of You-niverse, nero perlato;
  • Comet Closer, metallic gold;
  • Cosmos With A Twist , very dark purple with blue hues;
  • Give Me Space , ultramarine blue with electric blue hues;
  • I Drive A SuperNova , steel;
  • I’m In The Moon For Love, prugna;
  • Infrared-y To Glow , top coat with flecks of gold and red;
  • Is This Star Taken?, oro freddo;
  • Let Your Love Shine, borgogna;
  • Love Is In My Cards, rosso aranciato;
  • No More Mr. Night Sky , dark gray;
  • Press * For Silver, taupe perlato;
  • Ro-man-ce On The Moon, rosso sangue;
  • Super Star Status, platino con glitter;
  • Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Meteorite, top coat con pagliuzze rosa.


The collection of enamels Opi Starlight will be on sale at the price of 13,90 euro per bottle fromNovember 2015 in perfume Sephora and nail shops and bars that sell the brand. Here at listofusnewspapers.com you can get more different models of the nails arts.

What do you think of this line of enamels from the spatial flavor?

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