Now I Am a Bride

Wedding blog:the application – Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on now by planning their wedding. Today:How Fanny has received your request and why she is still no ring despite engagement

Funny, marry was always something that happens to others for me. And now I am a bride! But everything from the beginning:I’m Fanny, a 27-year old ur Berliner, who in the summer with her Longboard insecure makes the city and the time in the many parks with their friends sells itself. In the winter, I prefer escape from the cold and throw myself in the fantastic worlds of books and video games. I love every season, with my friend Daniel together lazy to lie on the couch and enjoy the togetherness. And he no longer is my “friend”, because: we’re now engaged! Totally crazy.

Since I work as a marketing man at – an online wedding planner – everything about marriage is actually not a new subject for me. Actually! But since now my own wedding and my fiancé, everything is suddenly different. I always thought “Aach, what can you surprise there already?”, Pandey! I’ve underestimated the emotions and hormones.

Of course Daniel and I have talked before about our common future, and it was clear at some point that we’re getting married. Only when was that previously in the stars.

Yes! I want!

By 2015, the surprise came Christmas. After family visits we came full lining and happy to go home, have a little cleaned up and kicked us then in our cozy jumpsuits to let the day end comfortably. I thought at least. At once has Daniel made before me and asked me whether I want to be his wife! Of course I wanted! But something by!

At this moment to explode the emotions in me and the night of tears of joy over the cheeks are rolled again me. We have really enjoyed our happiness!

The “Two of us against the rest of the world” feeling is unbeatable!

Actually I had imagined getting an application in the family or friends – with lots of “Ooohs” and “Aaahhs”. But in hindsight, I’m glad that we were only two of us in this intimate moment. We have so enjoyed our togetherness that we only two days later told our families about the engagement. Until then, we only knew it. And the moon. Because I had to tell someone Yes… And I will need probably a while to to the idea to marry me to get used to. I as a bride and wife in spe? It feels so grown-up!

As I wrote initially, marriage has been always something others do. But now we’re on it. Just because I’m professionally with weddings, they are omnipresent in my life and I’ve seen much with regard to marriage. I have a thousand ideas in your head, know stories of dream and nightmare weddings and theoretically know where the critical points are planning a wedding -. Whether it does easier or harder for me, I don’t know yet. I’ll need to find out first.

Questions about questions

If it is then slowly formally, know more and more people from the engagement and when the first feeling storm has calmed, the questions come: When will be get married? How? What do we need? Groomsmen: Yes or no? What hair style do I want? How will my wedding dress look like? And, and, and,… If otherwise the hardest decision in everyday life that lies between “Sandwich or Granola for breakfast”, which can throw a time quite off track.

It is now to answer exactly these questions. On, I will report on every step of our wedding planning. Here at findjobdescriptions you can get more models of the brides makeup. We have answered at least one question but: big is celebrated in the summer! And because only a few months remain until the summer of 2016, we lay the celebration in the coming year. Join me today to our wedding in the summer 2017 and live experience with how an idea becomes a dream wedding.

By the way, one is now safe for me: no matter what maybe wrong or what we to master difficulties on our big day, the day where Daniel is my husband and I of his wife, will be perfect. The most important, anyway, is that I got it! Everything else is secondary.

Did not exist a ring because of the spontaneity of the application, by the way. But this is an advantage for me more, because so I can choose it according to my wishes even. And that’s important to me, because the engagement ring is also our wedding ring. Why we have so chosen and how the search is for the ring, I tell you in my next post.