Noelia Lopez Makeup

We are sure that many of you already are looking for any look or thinking how make you for the holidays. My bet is the of Noelia Lopez, model Spanish, who came to the center of Madrid yesterday so beautiful. And with a white dress, the color of this fashion Christmas as we read in Jezebel.

Do I like her? makeup? For several reasons. First, the eyes. I would say big eyes. You have highlighted them in an incredible way with black stripe, black shadow and generous tabs mask. A little bit of fading on the final edge, and slightly more elongated stripe.

You know that the Black shadows, coal, greyish, this year continue to be one of the must have. Cheeks, Peach tone. It seems that we have said goodbye to the delicate roses, which I liked. Maybe it would take a couple of strokes to the color, but you still love me

Lips, protagonists. A Earth tone with glossy, soft, to no longer hold a charge. A basic sure have at home. Don’t forget the eyebrows, perfectly combed. Blunt, I love them. And with the perfect curve. Framing a perfect makeup, marked.

Hair, picked up completely. Dress white and strong makeup. No more uneventful. Detail that gives that chicest air is perhaps the fact to wear gloves. An option that each day has more adept.