Night Makeup for Your Eyes of Sisley, Step by Step

With the launch of the new eye shadow palette Phyto Star Eyes, Sisley It has hung on his official website two tutorials in video of the steps to follow for a Eye makeup full.

I have chosen the night makeup and here are the photos to get an idea of what color applied at each step until the end of the makeup. The shaded Black Star, the black, don’t need Shaper for eyes.

The palette Sparkling Rhapsody called, has 4 shadow pearly: White, black, gray and turquoise. Although it seems that Turquoise is really very deep it is subtle.

Following photos from the video that you will find full Web, applies in a wide diagonal line in the eyelid, without touching the area where sinks the eye or in decrease in the outer end of the eyelid.

Next step: apply the shadow turquoise at the inner end of the eye upward with a soft applicator brush. To do this you need a hair brush, not to use to the applicator foam or will be very marked.

At the other end of the eye up to the eyebrow, that whole area is covering it with the shadow silver grey. Do not want to make fast because those touches of the brush need time to properly expand. It covers all of the orbital bone, from the eyebrow to the corner of the eye: seen in profile, your eye will look bright.

The Professional add touch a white and satin shade on the inner end of the eye you know all: enlarge the look, illuminates it and, visually, gives a more almond shaped eye.

With the straight applicator brush and the black shadow draws the bottom line under the lower lashes. That gives it strength and intensity at a glance, more sophisticated and sensual.

Without Eyelash mask don’t go nowhere: one rimmel’s volume black is perfect. The last picture shows the final result of a makeover that so far I have seen beautiful … until the model has opened the eyes and we have looked at.

The palette and night makeup are pretty but she nothing does not look them: their eyelid is scarce. It would have been much better that they focus on her eyelid fixed. End, looks to the eyelid with your eyes open, it will be fantastic to succeed coming out party.