News On the Beauty Industry

What’s new in cosmetics at the saga Beauty Fair?

The success of the enamel Remover wipes gained momentum in Brazil with the brand Océane. The beauty market did not offer many options, but now that is not going to miss is the product to remove glaze.

In the largest fair of Latin America, many cosmetic brands brought its versions. The Impala varnish scarves removers was one of the big news. The brand Impala has brought three options. The coolest is that a version of the handkerchiefs is fragrance-free. With beautiful packaging, soft colours, the Impala promises to win the competition. Are they efficient?

Want another release of Impala? The brand launched various treatment creams.  They are available in two different versions: almond oil and vitamin E or extract, passion fruit and camphor. This mixture of passion fruit extract and camphor result in a delicious fragrance.

Both promise to moisturize and care deeply that part of the body. I’m very curious about these creams. Find creams that actually work and hydrate is almost martyrdom. I wonder if these are good.

For those who don’t know … Camphor has stimulant, energizing and refreshing properties. It improves circulation and reduces the feeling of tiredness. Tome says that camphor also has repellent action.

A lot of people don’t take care of these parts of the body. You can’t neglect the care of the places in the body that we use all the time. Do you like that news? I just hope it doesn’t cost expensive!

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