New Trendy Colored Hair 2016

Famous as Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj and Christina Aguilera have appeared in recent times with wicks or fully colored hair. And unconventional colors such as brown, black, red or blonde. Are vibrant and unusual colors such as purple, pink, blue, green, and often all these colors at once! Colored hair are not a current fashion, many girls already keep long wires full of colors, always changing and showing that it is possible to have a colored hair without damaging it. Of course, like all chemical, hair can get very spoiled if it has the necessary care. But this is not exclusive dyes, any procedure and even a haircut, if you do not care at home, will not be pretty.

The presenter and blogger Marimoon is an icon of colored hair, and she already had the wires all that is color. And the very reveals that colored hair require greater care, after all, the hair must be bleached to pick up the color, then it must be hydrated more intensely. Therefore, it is recommended for those who never bleached hair, or do not practice it, so look for a professional to do it. And I think that goes for any procedure that you are doing in your hair, seek a professional you trust will make you come closer to the result you want. Hair care at home is self-medication type, you should be aware of the risk, if you are not a professional.

So a tip for those who want to join the wave of colored hair, is coloring the whole hair or just doing a few strands is: a professional look. Even if it is just to guide you, you not take any chances. For girls who already have the light or bleached hair, the paint catches easier. Already who has dark hair, like mine, and that never crossed ink it is essential to look for a hairdresser.

And then? Well, after painting, whether at home or in the salon, it is essential moisturize the hair at least every 15 days. But this, I return to speak, I go for any treatment you’ve done the hair. I can not believe you left the beautiful hall, brush, and it will stay that way for life. A simple hydration can be done at home, and that both helps maintain hair color longer as to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. But it is also necessary to remember that if you want a colored hair, you will have to spend a little to maintain it.

After the tips’re ready to color your hair? Then see the inspirations that I separated, has mecha, has colored all hair, hair has two and more colors, and have many colors for you to get inspired!