New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

For the current “Miss Dior” campaign lets director Sofia Coppola in her video Natalie Portman dancing in a flowering garden.

New Perfumes in the Name of the Rose

Floral perfumes are among the most popular compositions among the feminine women’s fragrances and star of the floral fragrance range is the rose. This spring the perfumers of the big fashion houses give a lush bouquet of new, zesty fragrance compositions us freshly flowered. These new interpretations and editions of already well-known and prominent nose. In elegant bottles, the Queen of flowers can be how, already in the 7th century BC, the Greek poetess Sappho sang the rose, celebrating all the fragrant facets.

The scent of roses, he is beguiling and irresistible. Gentle, harmonious, flattering, warm and around stems from the abundance of rose fragrance. Sleep researchers have found that it gives refreshing, pleasant dreams. Perfume making is hard to imagine without the scent of roses. Has always been enthusiastic about perfumers in ancient Persia, Greece or the Roman Empire for the special, rich and versatile scent image of this delicate beauty among the flowers. Roses were since ancient times as a symbol of love, joy, passion and youth dew. But also fragrances are subject to the interplay of fashion. In recent years, nose sometimes had a somewhat dusty reputation. But now they are experiencing a Renaissance; large noses turn to one of her favorite scents in a modern, contemporary guise the honor again. You present it 2013 prefers tender and slightly and emphasize its delicate, romantic notes. For the current “Miss Dior” campaign lets director Sofia Coppola in her video Natalie Portman dancing with their loved ones through a fountain in a flowering garden. And it embeds the beautiful Natalie Portman in a pink Dior dress on a carpet of roses. As previously, Cleopatra, who spent their first night of love with Mark Antonius on fragrant rose petals. Only today to hear the voice of Grace Jones and the song “La vie en rose”.

Mysterious, Fiery Nose

Rose with Flower power: Balenciaga’s “L ‘ Water rose” is defined as a stormy, possession of poignant dream full of fiery passion. The opening is part of the Black Berry. The elegant delicate violets is the fresh, electrifying chord. He accompanied the merger as distinctive Balenciaga signature along with patchouli with the vibrant rose by ardent scent color, based on the spicy base of cedar, Cypress and musk. The luxurious ‘Private Blend’ line from Tom Ford has with the “Garden Black”collection already some months ago four seductive, flowery scents add won. “Coffee rose” by Tom Ford is the sensual, dark, mysterious side of roses in the focus. You exude the flair of a nocturnal garden, where conventions have no meaning, unexpected and forbidden encounters beckoningly seduce and classic floral notes redeemed their innocent appearance against a thrilling, numbing and decadent elegance remains in secret, underscoring the black bottle with purple label here. In “Coffee rose”, the rose with exotic spices and the smell of black coffee developed an unexpected, extraordinary melange. Three precious rose essences are used. Saffron and roses may be the prelude of the fragrance. The beguiling heart shapes Turkish rose oil and peppery excerpts of Bulgarian roses. Incense resin, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli give emphasis and intensity the Water of Perfume.

Life in Pink

“Rose of Arabia” is one of three new fragrances from/Armani / Private “La collection Of the thousand and one nights”, who have made the world legends, and the splend our of the Orient to the nose motif. Also “Flower bomb la vie en Rose” by Viktor & Rolf 2013 comes with fresh top notes of bergamot, Mandarin orange, green tea and pink pepper. The rose, Lily of the Valley, candied almonds, raspberry join as more heart notes; Base notes are patchouli, cashmere wood and amber. But who says that smell must be heavy and sweet, as the French name “Drop of Rose” suggests, a precious “rose drop” gives the new, rosy “Water of Cartier” a light, fresh scent of irresistible female tenderness and breathtaking joy of life. Gentle, elegant notes of violet flowers and yuzu are associated with soft cedar wood chords in harmony and underline the sensual touch of a magnificent, freshly picked rose at Cartier. A beautiful perfumegift for your sweetheart for Valentine’s day. Even Donna Karan uses her perfume novelty “Pure DKNY – Drop of Rose Scent” delicate pink flowers of Turkish damask rose, which are picked on the flower fields of the Anatolian Isparta Valley in the dawn of the early hours of the morning by hand. Per season, more than 2500 tons of rose petals are needed for the production of precious, essential rose. It opens up a round, delicate floral and clearly defined arrangement of roses. This humanitarian commitment and environmentally friendly packaging: round thing plus rosy prospects. A Curving, sprayed pink Bottle Daphne Bugey for Kenzo’s new, fruity floral composition: “Kenzoamour I love U”. The fragrance opens with a citrus fresh pink grapefruit and Ribiselnote, revealed the rose in the heart and blossoms in the duo of cherry blossom and lilac. Cedar and white musk completed the radiant bouquet as a base. “Rose imaginary” the Queen of flowers combines the freshness of mandarin oranges and the sweet charm of violet by Roger & Gallet. Jil Sander as already with “Everose” liked again opts for rose petals as the heart notes. The limited edition summer fragrance 2013 “Jil Sander Sun day” already sweetened the waiting time for the next beach holiday with a floral bouquet of rose, Magnolia, and tiara. Rounded off with vanilla and woodsy notes a relaxing elixir of fragrance for carefree sunny days or the visit to the ice cream parlor.