New Nail Polishes Chanel

Risk to remain without new nail polishes of Chanel, is becoming, for the entire 2012, an issue that is dear to all fashion victims. This time, the long-awaited mineral colors are three glazes: Graphite, Quartz and Peridot. They are presenting.

Wait for the arrival of new nail polishes of Chanel is becoming almost a competitive discipline! And Yes, because Chanel, as with all 2011, also for the 2012 promises stunning limited editions for her beloved enamels and unobtainable. Things will definitely so, even for new long-awaited # 529 Graphite, # 531 Peridot and # 525 Quartz.

This is absolutely innovative 3 colors and shining ultra-inspired by the world of minerals and precious stones. After molten metals such as Steel, this time, it’s defendable, because original new shades inspired by nature. Check answermba for nail polish applying tips.

  • Graphite, already I had presented, is a shimmering grey silver tones to compact. Graphite is a soft and fragile mineral, but amazingly shiny. The particularity of Graphite is that it can look black or light gray seconds of light it reflects.
  • Quartz is a transparent caramel color with metallic shades. Recalling the famous Chanel Particuliere 505 n., smoky-toned curtains but compact. Autumn, irresistibly suggests combinations with pull-over and warm-colored headscarf.
  • Peridot is the translation in a glaze of a semi-precious stone of a magical glowing green. Peridot is changing to yellow and to oil with decidedly Golden shades. Like a jewel, turns your fingernails in sparkling stones of mineral and metal: truly a stroke of genius!

Now we can only hope good Marathon in search of the new Le Vernis from Chanel.