Natural Charm Of The Impala-Summer Collection

Impala is a brazilian brand of nail polish that belong to Ii Personal Care. Mundial has products, lines and brands of hair care, hands, feet, face, and it is not restricted only to women, not for men and teenagers have also. But when talking about the care and beauty of the hands of Brazilian women can talk not only of the world, but the Impala, which every year brings a lot of news in the world of glazes. And with the approach of summer, the Impala has launched a new collection, the Natural charm. The following is more information about this collection, and check out the details.

Summer collection Natural charm Impala

The new collection of enamels Impala brings five new colors inspired by the tropical climate of Brazil. Altogether there are four creamy glaze and a Pearl, here’s more about each one of them.

Living nature: is a bluish green with creamy finish. “Life that runs cool, with lush flora and fauna.”

Citrus Floral: yellow banana live Pearlescent finish. “Smooth and refreshing Sensation extracted from nature.”

Jungle adventure: deep blue and dark creamy. “The mysteries of nature translated into emotions, risk and adrenaline.”

Birdsong: grayish creamy nude. “Melodies of the forest that enchant and provide freedom and pleasure.”

Tropical Climate: Fuchsia pink very much alive with creamy finish. “Heat, freshness, life, color! Enjoy the best of Brazil: the climate.”

And are not only the colors that no news in this collection, the application is also different. The brush flat brings a unique Italian design, made with polished bristles and your format is more flat. And all this meeting delivers more ease in application, better coverage and soft and smooth glide.

All glazes are 3 free collection and will be sold for $2.90.