Nailympics Competition Italy

Rome, 3 and 4 February, the Nail Olympics: Twelfth edition of the event in which they challenged the NailArt professionals of international caliber.
Femininity also passes from the hands of a woman, as we well know.
Manicured nails, simple, decorated or “aggressive”are able to reveal some more elements also of the personality of their owners. He was born precisely in this spirit became the NAIL ART, especially in recent years, a real must and a strong trend in women’s make-up and look in the building. If the 50 recall bright red fingernails of the stars, the ’60s the period of long nails and years’ 70 and 80 the introduction of false nails and bright colors… that’s the mid-90s you open the doors of a new fashion now recognized: the nail through the use of a special gel or acrylic powder to the over the natural nail.

Have followed the “Nailylimpics competition was established always more refined techniques and artistic decorations, applications and designs so much that in 2001” that is a veritable Olympics of nails.
This contest, imported from America thanks to Antonio Sacripante and hosted by capital on 3 and 4 February, is now in its twelfth edition and very lucky.
200 competitors from over 50 countries of the world who are challenged with blows of stilettos and gels in seven different categories, in front of a jury of eight elements as well as experienced the industry’s highest.
representing the Italian NailArt:Paola Sacripante, the system gels champion in Las Vegas in 2005, and Roberta Giannetti, professional and Italian champion in the nail.
nail sharper … .the medal ‘ gold!