Nails Decorated for Carnival

Carnival is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year, after all this is the day we let life get in the rhythm of drumming with much joy and willingness.

This all day all glamorous and is ideal to feel at ease with our look and also who loves colors, but don’t have a lot of guts to mix them in everyday life, this is the right time.In addition to innovate on the look, the nails also come to life with cheerful colors and fun designs.

Enjoy the tutorials and enjoy the Carnival with these nails super easy to make which we prepare for you!

Nails decorated for Carnival-1 Model

Materials used: Nail Polish black, green, purple, yellow, pink and orange. Paper for dripping glaze and toothpick to clean excess nail polishes (thicker).

  1. Polish all your black nails;
  2. Before you start making the pellets on the nail, remember to leave a space between them to bring up the black contour.
  3. With green enamel drip a little ball on the nail and blot gently to the side.In the photo above note that were made three green balls in different corners of the nail, but you can do the how and where you want. The size of the balls you decide too. You can do all of the same size or switch them.
  4. Do the same process with the other colors of enamel, always leaving space between the balls.
  5. Wait to dry and finish with a top coat.

Nails decorated for Carnival-2 Model

Materials used: Nail Polish Orange, yellow, blue, green and pink. Gold glitter and colorful (the latter must have larger particles that golden).

  1. Start by making a small square with green enamel on the base of the nail.Of course it will not be a perfect square, to be a little erratic.
  2. With orange glaze make another square next to the Green, so that they are just the two colors side by side.See the photo above.
  3. Now with the pink nail polish do a track on top of the squares that have been made.
  4. With the blue enamel make another square on top of the pink band.
  5. And with the glaze yellow make another square next to the blue square.
  6. Wait to dry and pass two layers of gold glitter on the nail.
  7. Wait to dry and pass a layer of colored glitter.

Nails decorated for Mardi Gras-3 Model

Materials used: Nail Polish white, blue, red, Brown and purple. To facilitate would be better using a fine brush.

3D nails step by step

  1. With the white enamel and make two small blue strips on the diagonal and one on top of another just below the tip of the nail.
  2. Take the Red Nail Polish and make a little blurry (in the style of a hat) on the edge of the white stripe.
  3. At the other end of the white band, do the same way (the hat) with blue enamel.
  4. In the middle of two beanies, do more with yellow enamel.
  5. With the Brown enamel, outline the two small tracks that were made at first (white and blue) and the three Beanies.
  6. With the white, purple and Red glazes go doing polka dots on the whole nail (less upon drawing that was done), as pictured above.
  7. Wait to dry and finish with a top coat.

Nails decorated for Carnival – model 4

For those who like the colorful “less flashy, also has option to make a simpler, but no longer transparent joy.

Materials used: Nail Polish white, purple, red, blue and yellow.

Nails decorated, among you here too!

  1. All glaze your nails with white enamel.If you want to pass two layers.
  2. Once dry, choose a color of enamel and make a sash diagonally up in the middle of the nail.
  3. Repeat this process on all the other nails, but with different Nail Polish colors.
  4. Once dry, finish with a top coat.
  5. Tip: If you are unable to make the straight track, after the white enamel dries, use duct tape assistance and waistband.Once dry remove the tape.
  6. If you prefer not to use the tape and still find difficulties, go doing the track bit by bit until you reach the desired size.