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Farewell long nails!
The spring-summer 2016 trend is confirmed to be the “Short Nails”: short nails, within the reach of all, colored or sober and elegant, that adapt to any situation.
Bright colors, but strictly on the heels pastel Pantone color,rose quartz and blue serenity and the beauty of their nuances.

The Rose Quartz, gentle and relaxing, ideal for a woman who wants to rediscover the child than once; reminiscent of cotton candy and afternoons spent at the Luna Park!
While the Blue Serenity is a color between blue and light blue. Remember the color of the air, the summer sky and the sea, it gives a profound sense of freedom, but also of order and cleanliness for a simple woman, but that does not renounce to style and fashion. A real “woman à la page”…

The trend is to have a perfect manicure, oval and fully lacquered fingernail. It will seem as if born colored!
For nail art, we find the themes of the great fashion designers: lines, shades and geometric style. Here at you can get more different models and styles.For the less daring, very popular is the use of multiple colors on one hand, similar or contrasting. You can choose different shades of one color (for example, all shades of blue) or prefer contrasting hues like pink and light blue (but also yellow and blue, fuchsia and coral, green and purple… provided they are pastel).
So all you can do this summer to be the true fashion victim has fun with colors and geometry freely…
Because fashion is freedom of expression… or need conformism?

The nail art in this article are made by Teacher Soak Off Nailover: Jade Argenziano, Celeste Telloli, Naomy Companions, Celeste Pennacchioni, Monica Wish.

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