Nail Styles with Glitter

The Polish market has grown absurdly in Brazil. Today we can no longer complain that we don’t have color options and styles because the national brands have evolved a lot. Another thing that makes me very happy is that allergy-causing components, such as toluene and formaldehyde, are being withdrawn from the formulas of glazes. I have allergies and I know how

much it is horrible. Have some nail polishes that don’t cause me nothing conventional, but others almost make my face “fall”. By the way, is a tip: allergic to nail polish does not manifest itself in the nail, saw? She usually appears in the eyes, mouth, nose and neck. Here at you can get more different models of the nails arts.

But today separated some inspirations of nails with glitter! We have many options of these glazes in the market and they always give an extra charm on my nails, so I made a selection of beautiful nails that can give you good ideas to try something new. The only annoying thing is that some glazes with glitter are really difficult to get out, but there’s a little trick that helps and it’s time to remove it.

Get some cotton, aluminum foil, acetone or nail polish remover. Soak the cotton in acetone or Remover. Place on top of the nail. Take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap the tips of your finger, as if you were going to make a hat on it. Wait about three minutes and ready … just remove. Will come out easy, easy! If you want to see a well made tutorial, click here to view the step by step that the blog Bonita nail made!