Nail Polish Remover in Pot-How Do

One of the things that women really like is always be with your nails always beautiful, well made and well painted, often with nail art and full of details. However, those who do not like having convenience at what you do. And surely this must be the desire women to do your nails at home, whenever you switch have to take the enamel remover and cotton and have all that work, and you can do this very practice. Here’s how to make a nail polish remover in pot that will help you a lot in time to make the glaze, all this quickly and practice. Check out and do it yourself your.

How to make nail polish remover in Pot

Materials needed: 3

Dishwashing sponges; Scissors; Empty pot; Nail polish remover.


Remove the rough part of all sponges, that green part. Put the sponge in the can shaped half moon and cut what’s left. Place the other half on the other side. Do the same thing with another sponge and place in the middle of the pot. Then just put the Remover concentrated on sponge. To take your enamel is just put your finger in the middle and ready. Then just put the lid and wait for the next time of use. Very simple, easy and practical.

Below is a video showing how to do the same pot, but in a different way, without losing effectiveness and ease. Check out the following step by step made by Aline Niini and do it yourself your nail polish remover in pot.