Nail Art: How to Draw Roses


Today take care of their hands no longer means making a simple manicure and a coat of enamel, in fact always have hands able to attract attention in a positive way, means above all use a decorative technique that takes the name of nail art.

Using this methodology we can sweep up to decorative level where our imagination leads us without limits or barriers. Here then we see some tips from Gradchem on how to have rose nail art.


Make sure you have on hand:

clear nail polish

blue enamel

light pink nail polish

dark pink nail polish

green enamel

The nail art, as we have said, is nothing but the art of decorating nails. But not everyone is able to make elaborate decorations, but do not worry why there are special centers able to fully satisfy our wildest requests. While if on the contrary belong to the sphere of people able to implement any type of design, in this case, then we can do no more than continue in the description. The first step is to prepare everything necessary. Once this is in our possession we can begin.

We spread a coat of clear nail polish, let dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. After the interval, we spread the first coat of enamel blue sky, then let dry thoroughly before applying the other hands. This operation aims to completely cover the nail without leaving gaps. When all the layers are completely dry we can proceed with the real decoration. With light pink enamel we carry out small circles on the nails, four or five is the right number but must be chosen based on the length of the nails themselves. Keep in mind that these circles the soon transform into delicate roses so we try to keep an adequate distance between a circle and another so that we can then continue with the decoration. When all the circles have been executed, let dry thoroughly color.

Always use a brush with a very thin tip, with pink tint but stronger than the previous one, come to surround the first circles with other circles performed on the outside. We try to perform this step with the utmost care and attention. Once that this coat is dry, we can pass to draw the leaves. To do that we keep a very thin brush and a bright green glaze. The decoration is over, many romantic roses are placed on our nails. To finally complete the work can not miss another coat of clear nail polish to protection of our newly decorated nails.