Mood Enamel for Christmas

Christmas the most classic colors dress of bright iridescence to make hands protagonists of the holidays.

Mood offers us the glazes by elegant and refined colors, such as shades White Air Line enamels gel semipermanent Mood.

It ‘a perfect pure white is natural for a total white look, is embellished with a french Metallic red or original flock velvet effect for a manicure more aggressive.

Quick and easy to apply thanks to a smooth and soft texture, the enamel semi-permanent gel Mood have the strength of a UV gel and last up to three weeks without sbeccarsi.

Moreover, thanks to the exclusive Mood Deluxe Kit, are conveniently applicable and removable from home. We have already shown how it easy to launch the ‘application of enamels semi Mood with useful basic kit.

But the news Mood for 2012 Christmas does not end there, iridescent glitter accompany our feast days, ideal to be fashionable and have the perfect nails during the Christmas holidays. From the site ( you can get more information.

Emotion, Jade, Military, Chic Purple Sage and here is irresistible shades of the line enamels gel semipermanent glitter.Bold colors does not go unnoticed, enhanced by the brilliance of Iridescent Hypnotic-for a touch of glamor and glittering – or the elegance of Iridescent Gold, to enhance the natural femininity of the Red Currant.

Discover the world of Mood enamels on the official web site.