Models with Style: Erin Wasson

Sergio left the biographical part, and I’ll stick primarily with the facet outside the gateways, because if the stylists are the new celebrities, the models are the new stylists, and is that who better than they to interpret the trends?

Not all know how to do it and why they have privileged information, but the time in which the mannequins were simple carrying clothes (read hangers), has passed: now, the tops are inspiring muses.

Erin Wasson, a Tejano to disuse, is one of the maxims exponents of nouvelle vague models which goes beyond the purely “escaparatistico”, Wasson It has one of the most peculiar styles of the medium and is all a guru in the fashion industry.

His personal stamp is far to read “I am a model,” and I don’t know if many of you know it easily detected but is so recognizable label as being heavy, mod, or Gothic. And precisely because the models, a day are Bohemian, the other punks, and in one night hippies or aggressive Executive: they are the only ones able to put whatever they want without seeming ridiculous.

Nose of Erin with trends and their particular way of mixing and get away unscathed due to its close relationship with this, their natural habitat, and is that not only is model but for some time, he combines the catwalks, editorials and advertising campaigns with his role as stylist for Alexander Wang, or the creation of a collection of clothes for a signature surfing.

Wasson can permit to lace with “katiuskas” mountain, pants torn with blazers, or dresses with boots Gala dresses and not to insult the good taste or be inconsistent. In addition to able to take the famous suit Prada Pajamas without that seems just out of bed.

His personal stamp? Mini dresses with boots, She has been the main driving force behind and what has led to the altar a combination that seemed not winning.