Miss Broadway Nail Polish

Crack & Shyne is the newest kit proposed by Miss Broadway  consists of a pair of enamel (Shyne Crack Base + Top Coat) that allow you to create on the now famous “effect crakle” or “crackle” nails that crack the effect.

The kit Crack & Shyne double effect of Miss Broadway is characterized by certain ingredients that tend to evaporate into the air, so the enamel color tends to withdraw up to create random nail decorations.

Are for sale 5 kits that combine different colors, I tried the gold & black pair.
Before starting, in order to protect our nails, it is preferable to apply a clear base. The application procedure of Crack & Shyne enamel is very simple, because it consists of only two steps.

STEP 1: it lies on the nails colored base Shyne and expects about 3-4 minutes to allow the glaze completely dry.

STEP 2: Once dry you have to roll out over the enamel Crack, previously well stirred, on the entire nail surface, like a normal nail polish. In a few seconds it will start to “withdraw” creating the effect crackle.

Enamel Top Coat cracking can be applied not only on the colored base supplied, but also on all other colors shine in order to create the most different possible color combinations.

Both the base and the top coat are formulated in the absence of toluene and formaldehyde, stretch very easily due to their slightly runny consistency.

Impeccable life, after 3 days from these glazes Miss Broadway still stand across the nail without any chipping. Drying is incredibly fast.

I can conclude by saying that literally amazed me is the final effect that give it because I think it’s a great gift idea to offer at a very affordable price.

Indeed kits Crack & Shyne Miss Broadway are sold in many supermarkets at a launch price of 4.20 euros, instead of 7,00 Euro.