Micelle-Water What Is and Benefits

The world of cosmetics is increasingly extensive, and every day there is a new product on the market. As proof of this are the BB, CC, DD Cream, the primes, Illuminators and others that we didn’t know, but now they can’t do at all in our production. Something that the beauty industry has invested are some of the products that make our life, that is, that kind of cosmetic that has several functions and that everyone loves, because they are very practical. With this meet the water micelle, one of those products that make it easy enough.

What is water Micelle

Water Micelle or Micelle Solution is nothing more than a product that is very similar to a makeup remover, however is much lighter. And which in addition to clean the face tones, but neither is a tonic, it’s like a portmanteau of the two products.

For being good looking with makeup and tonics, many people get confused, but water micelle is much lighter, softer than either of the two products. The fact that there are no in your formula, SOAP, perfumes, dyes, alcohol and parabens, which is great for sensitive skin.


Besides bringing together the beneficial of tonics and Makeup Removers, mecelar water is far more potent, look at.

For being an aggregate of molecules, water micelle attracts dirt, skin as impurities, oil and makeup, namely, a deep cleaning; You don’t need to rinse; No hits the skin, because your composition is pretty smooth; Is a good choice for sensitive skin; Can be used as tonic, strengthening the skin (look for use twice a day, right after washing your face); Can be used as makeup remover; Is simple application, because it is just put in a cotton and pass on his face; There are products with specific benefits such as moisturizing, calming, with acid and others; We can find to suit all budgets, there is on the market for $24 micelle waters and some may get the cost R$ 179.00.