Metal Mouth is a Trend for the Summer 2016

Fashion has never been so eclectic, if on one hand the matte mouth became the darling of who want to look chic and current, the Mouth is the choice for those who like to dare …

So who likes the novelty of beauté, can go their metal batons in ensuring nécessaire now!

Yes, in 2016 Summershows, for example, Prada showed Golden lips and even the Diva Rihanna posed with a metallic lipstick for Mac. ..

So does anyone still doubt that the metal is the , ups, the lipstick?!

But, very quiet at this time, anything exaggeration, when opting for a metal mouth, choose a shade (opaque), not to be with excessive brightness in visual

Rihanna caused to bet on a metallic blue lipstick at a party at New York fashion week.

The metal’s success is such that the campaign Secret Garden IV (secret garden) of Dior showed Rihanna in stunning photos to embroider a wonderful lipstick!

How about inspiration in Rihanna and change the lipstick nude by a metallic?
Instead of using the classic red mate, turbine lipstick with a métálico effect, as did the Dior campaign Secret Garden IV.

How to use? By day, bet on a lighter eye – just eyeliner and mask. Already in the evening, you can load a little more on make the eyes and choose shadows in shades similar to the mouth.
Without a doubt, play with a metallic lipstick, is the new way to glamorize a minimalist look, and Katy Perry knows that all too well.

At the time of combining, for example, a tip is to wear lipstick and eye shadow Blue Metallic blue. Now, anyone who wants to use a golden mouth, should prefer shades in warm tones, like wine, Eggplant and black. Get lips silver, invest in cool colors, like purple, blue and green, but, of course, are only suggestions, because the best is inventing and dare!
It’s worth knowing that outside metal lipstick it’s trend, and sure enough, it has everything for success here too, especially among those who love a make smashing!