Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

For those who like natural makeup and super light, today brought an option of Yasmin Brunet, which is a registered trademark of model through which it passes. A fan of beautiful mythological creatures, the girl created a mermaid make-up named “Mermaid Lit”.

Mermaid Makeup Step by Step

Yasmin recently released the “recipe” of your production, and surprised with the ease and simplicity that makes up the production. Follow the steps to do this makeup in your day to day as well. Check out the video at

Step by step – Mermaid makeup

  1. Start with the skin, applying primer and then base. The base must come with illuminator;
  2. With a mix of infrared illumination and light bronzer, Yasmin draws the temples and the bow of Cupid, to cause the famous relief effect;
  3. Then with illuminator and bronzer to darker shades, the template populates the eyelids of the eyebrow line to the inner corner of the eyes. Yasmin of the Tip: apply the bronzer and illuminating dark in the jaw and neck, too, so you’ll avoid the dividing line between the with and without make-up.
  4. The blush is in pink burned, to give the effect of Sun tanned apples from the beach;
  5. In the eye, the black mascara is essential. Appreciate the beauty of the eyes;
  6. To complete the large production is lipstick color, applied with Pat, who favor the impression that it is the natural color of your lips;
  7. To give even more light into visual, you can choose to use illuminator shoulders if that part of the body is exposed.

The Mermaid makeup is light and appreciate the natural beauty. It is a perfect option for summer, especially for those who will spend the day at the beach or in the pool and you don’t want to let go of the production.

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