Maxi Dresses Beauty in Summer

They are long, they are airy, they are light – and they look great!Where do I speak of?Of course, from the great Maxi dresses, which have once again met me at one or the other street corner.The Maxi-dresses are already known for a while, since summer is in full bloom.Some have perhaps thought that this trend is more like a one-day fly and rather old-fashioned.But far from it!The maxi dresses have now become a popular fashion trend in the summer.I want to show you the trend today and show you the sides of the Maxi dresses this summer.

I can imagine that many now ask: Can I wear a Maxi dress at all?And what accessories fit into a maxi dress?- Also you will get an answer in this blog.I want to tell you how each of you can wear a great Maxi dress and combine it properly.Let’s go šŸ˜‰

1. Maxi dresses – this summer there is something for every taste

Floor-length, Maxi-dresses in the wing make the summer for us women only really.Often Maxi dresses are connected with the summer vacation at the beach.And that’s true.But this summer, the maxi dresses are thought of as more “just” for the beach and the seaside holiday.Maxi dresses can now be worn just as well in everyday life, to the city stroll or an evening barbecue party.

This summer, the Maxi dresses are particularly versatile and detailed, so that every woman can find a great dress.The choice of colors, fabrics and patterns is, as it is for the summer, enormous.Colorful flower patterns can be found among the Maxi dresses as well as ethno prints, colorful, trendy color sequences or black and white patterns.Also monochromatic maxi dresses are a popular fashion trend this summer.The colors are manifold in luminous trend colors, delicate pastel colors, natural and earth tones.The fabrics are extremely light, for example chiffon, silk or viscose are very popular.

The cuts of the maxi-dresses, which offer a suitable model for every taste, also provide an interesting variety.Maxi dresses with spaghetti straps, sleeveless maxi dresses, floor-length bandeau dresses, long dresses with small sleeves, neckholder maxi dresses as well as long dresses with belt or gathering in the middle ensure a great variety among the models.Maxi dresses in the Vokuhila design, which at the back reach the floor long and are shorter, are absolutely hip!

2. Who can wear a maxi dress?

Now you know how the popular fashion trend of the summer shows visually, but surely you ask who can wear a maxi dress at all.Is not that just something that stands tall, slender women?- No, it is not;) Even smaller women can now confidently grab a maxi dress and join the summer fashion trend.However, smaller women have to consider some things.In the following, I will show how both large and small women can carry the trend perfectly.

2.1 This is how big women can combine Maxi dresses

Look at tall, slender women, long, voluminous Maxi dresses, for example from delicate viscose or chiffon very elegant and graceful.The Maxi-Dress can be worn well in the layer-look with particularly large women, so that the body size is divided optically well.

Boyfriend blazers can be combined particularly well with the delicate maxi dresses – these cheat away along with the long falling clothes also a few excess rounding and pounds away, which big women with a few pounds more on the hips quite well.

Great women should be careful not to wear high-heeled shoes to the maxi-dresses so as not to act like a pillar, but to flat shoes like ballerinas or flat sandals.And already the summer look is perfect!

2.2 So small women combine maxi dresses

If you belong to the smaller women, you can also wear maxi dresses.If you pay attention to the following things, they can be outstanding.Small women should pay attention that they choose a maxi dress with a soft flowing fabric, such as chiffon or silk, and not too heavy fabrics, so that their silouette is tenderly played around.If you prefer long dresses with patterns, it is advisable to choose smaller patterns that have a stretching effect instead of large patterns or prints which are more likely to crush the body.

It should also be ensured that the maxi dresses do not reach to the ground and are combined with a waist belt, so that the lower body is optically stretched.Even small women can combine blazers, but rather in waisted form, to the tender long dresses.Likewise, light, loose blouses make a good fashion trend.

The last and most important advice to small women who want to wear a maxi dress is that high shoes should be worn.Pumps, high-heeled sandals, or ballerinas with a wedge heeled make a larger look and prevent smaller women in the long dress.

3. What accessories are suitable for Maxi dresses?

Since you now know, in which way a long Maxi-dress can stand, the urgent question for the appropriate accessories should be clarified.For a long summery dress, of course, large striking jewelery excellently fits.Large XXL earrings, dazzling necklaces or blogger chains in gold and silver are a real eye-catcher in combination with a long, delicate maxi-dress.Likewise, wide bracelets make a particularly good impression on this outfit.

Even pockets can put your Maxi dress in addition.For the bags you should, of course, make sure that they match the fabric of the dress – too many patterns and different colors at once, you should avoid.Otherwise, smaller shoulder bags or clutches fit better than larger bags to the already large-area dresses and provide a more feminine touch.

And now I hope to see a lot more great colorful summer maxi dresses;) Because I find this fashion trend of the summer really great and as you have seen, really many women can wear it!