Male Vanity

As you all already know, skin care, hair etc, are no longer exclusively of the feminine universe, right? Today’s post is for her:every woman has a man to take care of and also for them:they also need and deserve tips of male beauty. So here we go:

Very dryhair? A good ointment helps to give shine and moisturize hair.
To keep the hair tight, but with the natural look, apply a small layer of wax helps.
For that lambidão hairdo, a la Elvis, the good old gel is the solution.
For hair thinner and with less volume, a layer of mousse goes well!

Before you shave, it’s good to wash the skin with SOAP and warm water, to soften the wire. A good shaving cream can be the salvation to prevent irritated skin and with brands. The traditional razor brings the best results, but it’s good to always check if the tape lubricant is!
For the more eager beavers, the electric razor is very handy, but it’s good to remember to keep it clean. After shaving, it is essential to use a good aftershave, to avoid irritation and “calm down” the skin. For the big guys who enjoy that unshaven, let her trimmed with machine, will ensure sighs of chicks!

Is there anything worse than a mouth with cracked lips? Whether in winter or in summer, the cocoa butter is always welcome!

Temperature variations tend to mistreat the skin and let dry. A simple moisturizer avoids the whitish aspect. The tightness also happen in the hands, so, for a “footprint” soft, cream on them!

It’s no use insisting. It’s not perfume deodorant! To avoid unpleasant odors, the deodorant is a must! Charming man is man fragrant. Always! But without overdoing it, ok?

Girls, show this post to his men. If the contract is not successful, go to the pharmacy or store closer and bet yet on these tips. Help their males to be even more well taken care of! You will thank me. Lol!