Makeup Vampire Steps

A frightening and seductive disguise: how to make a make-up as a vampire in just 6 moves.

For a terrifying carnival, what better disguise than by Vampira? You do not know where to start? Let’s see some suggestions for a make up as a vampire, hungry and a little ‘seductive!

And if you dare with a make up really impact followed our advice and be transformed into a ruthless murderess zombies. Alternatively, opt for a witch trick in 7 moves: less splatter but just as scary.

  1. According to, vampire makeup are ageless, so try to re-create a perfect complexion with a pale skin and without imperfections. You can help you with a foundation and a concealer very opaque, choosing a lighter color than your skin tone. For a realistic effect it is important to apply the products even on the neck, blurring the color so as to obtain a homogeneous and flawless skin.
  2. On the cheeks, you can apply a little ‘blush choosing a purplish hue like Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in color Bittersweet  and sculpt cheekbones with a cold land contouring.
  3. Once your face make-up done and can fix everything with a transparent plastic powder or white base and to further lighten the complexion.
  4. For the eye makeup then opt for smokey eyes in shades of black and purple. Using black throughout the eye, sfumandolo well in the outer edges, then by a touch of light to the eye with a purple eye shadow applied to the center of the eyelids.
    For a look from terrifying Vampire can wear some very clear lenses .
    It’s complemented with a past of black pencil, both inside and outside of the eye, for example using the pencil Khol pencil black Make Up for Ever.
    Even the mascara should not be forgotten, choose it as the volumizing Lash Domination bareMinerals.
  5. On the lips, apply lipstick color red fire, possibly long-lasting. On the edges of the lips you can draw the streams of blood with a long-lasting pencil or applying fake blood. For a touch of realism you can buy classic canines as Vampira in stores for children’s toys or at dealers trading products for disguises.
  6. To complete the look do not forget the nails. Use dark purple, bright red, burgundy or even black for a completely dark look. The enamel Lasting Color Pupa Gel, chosen in color 03 Black Burgundy, for example, is a color “red blood” ideal for the look of Vampira.
    Alternatively, you can always opt for fake nails, possibly for a long look sexy Vampira.