Makeup Trend Fall/Winter 2016

Every woman likes to take a look at make. Whether for work, out with friends or even just to get that beer Sunday afternoon, nobody wants to go out with the “face-lift” isn’t it? How about already go preparing your makeup bag with colors that will bombing in fall/winter 2016.


The great advantage of doing a make nice in the winter is because the colors can give a “up” in visual that is usually formed by cold colors and sober typical of those two seasons. The walkways have already begun to indicate what are the trendy colors of next seasons.

And for those who thought the nude was going to continue your Empire, you were wrong. The color will have to share the throne with some other. Want to see more tips? So stay tuned in the topics below and carefully so as not to lose nothing, nothing.

Make natural


What prevailed on the runways of fashion week in Paris and the last parade of the SPFW was the face with a make very natural, with the aim of showing that you’re not even wearing makeup. So, nothing to exaggerate with contours and many corrections or exaggerated illuminations.

Find out how to make a Basic makeup and natural.

A good option here is to place the BB Cream in the pouch as it has a very light coverage still can protect the skin from harmful rays of the Sun, what’s on here is to cover only the dark circles or a spot or pimple on face. Just use a blush, eyeliner and lipstick color of mouth and is ready!



Make natural is just one of the trends for this autumn/winter 2016. For the next few seasons we have many colors, especially the brightness, more precisely in the eye. In this case, the tactic here is to bet on a more discreet mouth making the contrast.Although the make has that twinkle in his eye, anything exaggeration ok?

Designed double


You know that eyeliner that you spend to make the make in the form of a kitten? Well, the charm is now doing the double outlined. Here the eyeliner is applied both in the upper lid and bottom. There is coordination in girls? But, nothing a good workout in front of the mirror doesn’t help.

Learn how to How to pass the eyeliner the right way.

Discrete eyes, mouth, striking


In this case, the eyes will not be the highlight of the make. So no place shine for more than is fashionable. A beautiful red mouth can give the finishing touch and the lipstick cherry was one of those who showed up on the runway. So, you can already start to increase your collection of lipsticks.

See what are the products that can not miss on toiletry bag during the winter.

Shadow to the brow


Found too much? Take it easy because the Carnival is over. Here, we’re talking about which sober colors like Brown. In time to make doesn’t need to go exactly to the eyebrow, just pass the concave and ready! The effect is equal to the catwalks.

Purple lipstick


If the lipstick cherry already entered on the list of purchases, we can’t forget the purple lipstick and will parade this fall/winter 2016 for all streets. In colder seasons always appears a more striking color and cold tone, and this time the purple was chosen.