Makeup Tips for Use with Black Dress

The black dress is the most versatile piece of colors and absolutely a classic women’s wardrobe, Yes, every woman has that black dress.

It’s not true?

He is able to get rid of the “ladies” fashion dilemmas and helps lengthen silhouette, ensures sophistication and adapts anywhere, such as in the Office to a party, all with the addition or removal of certain accessories and clothes, if necessary.

Discover How to Combine the Makeup with the Black Dress

Of course, it is not enough to have a nice black dress basics, if you don’t combine it with a perfect makeup, to highlight its beauty.

If you’ve separated your black dress and doesn’t have any skills with makeup. Don’t panic! See Top-mba-universities for makeup tips that will help you wear a dress.

A Dash of Femininity to a Look at Night

  • Prep your lashes with two layers of mascara black or blue with a slight eyelash curler. Starting at the base of the upper eyelashes, press the Eyelash curler from the roots of your lashes to the ends.
  • Gray is a cold color, but will certainly give a look hot with a black dress. Make a thick line on top lashes with an eyeliner black light, then use a bright white eyeliner above the first line. (A mixture of black and white will give a gray effect.)
  • Black dress and red lipstick is an old trick. But if you have bold personality to take this explosive mix of colors, go ahead, it will be beautiful! Remember that if you use red lipstick, opt for a eyeliner eyes and some layers of mascara. Extra tip: produces skin with base and a powerful corrective powder , usually what you do. For that looks from others are attracted only to the mouth.
  • The other option is to keep your lips with a lip color skin tone shade or just gloss. The trick is simple, choose a shade darker than the color of their skin.
  • Their lips color options for use with black dress are limited. Don’t try pink and Brown with black;seems childish.
  • Outlined Kitty is also a good choice, regardless if it’s day or night. You just differentiate the stroke:
    • Day: Use short and thin risks;
    • Night: Stretch and stretch a little more dash.
  • When using the bronzing powder, a little below the cheekbones and the temples and use a blush tone softer.
  • If you want to dissolve into the eyes, bet on lighter shades of brown and beige shades. If you prefer, vanish with his own fingers. Use grays and shades of gray, but to give.